What to Expect During a Drug Screening

It’s not uncommon for employers to request that new employees undergo drug screening before beginning their jobs. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to worry about drugs such as Tylenol or foods such as poppy seeds jeopardizing your results. Drug screenings are actually quite easy and don’t take very much time to complete.

Why Drug Screening?

Drug screenings are part of what’s known as occupational medicine. All this means is that employers are trying to ensure the safest possible work environment. Screening new employees for drug use rules out those who are most likely to pose risks to the health and safety of others.

Other reasons for drug screening include saving money on the cost of workers’ compensation insurance and improving workforce productivity. Liability may also be a factor since the use of drugs or the abuse of alcohol by employees on the job can violate laws laid out by the state or OSHA.

What Happens During a Drug Screening?

If your employer requests that you have a drug screening, you don’t have to be nervous. The most time-consuming part of the process is filling out the associated paperwork and driving to the testing facility. You’ll have to bring some form of ID with you as well. Check with the location doing the screening to find out if one form is all you need or if you’re required to bring other documentation.

There are three types of screening methods: urine, hair, and blood. Urine tests are exactly the same as the kind that you get at a doctor’s office or hospital and are completely private. Hair and blood samples are obtained by a medical professional. Generally you need to get one of these screenings done within one to two days of getting hired to remain eligible for a job. However, the test results don’t come back right away. It usually takes a few days for the samples to be analyzed since many facilities send them out to offsite labs. Results are sent to the employer once the sample has been checked.

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