Some Common Ways Of Treating Your Spring Allergies

Spring is in the Air! Warmer days, cool nights, tulips, daffodils…and pollen. Tree pollen, flower pollen, grass pollen – it’s all preparing for the annual homecoming celebration held every March, or so. If you’re living around the Southeast, you’re probably no stranger to the oaks, pecans, and pines billowing clouds of it into the warm spring air and dusting every visible surface under a near-daily blanket of yellow. So if you do suffer from allergies, is there anything to help soften the blow before summer finally arrives?

Simple ways to deal with allergies

Today, allergy relief comes in many forms, from natural and homeopathic to over-the-counter or full-on prescription strength. Different people respond favorably to different treatments, so what works for you may not work for others.

For instance, if your symptoms are less severe, some dietary changes and natural remedies may just do the trick. Spicy foods made with cayenne pepper or onion and garlic can help thin the mucus buildup in your sinuses, as well as avoiding foods like bananas, cucumbers, melon, and sunflower seeds. Any supplements containing Echinacea can also aggravate any symptoms you may already have. Butterbur extract, acupuncture, and a simple, saltwater nasal wash have all shown some very promising results in subduing common allergy symptoms.

Advanced allergy treatments

For moderate to severe symptoms, over-the-counter and prescription level treatments seem as numerous as there are pollen types. Antihistamines, decongestants, steroids, leukotriene modifiers are among the many approaches you may have to explore before landing on the best antidote to your daily suffering.

Best advice about treating your allergy symptoms

Whatever your level of symptoms, staying ahead of them is one of your best strategies. Mary Hardy, MD, Director of Integrative Medicine at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, notes that the best time to start fighting your symptoms is "three weeks before allergy season is scheduled to start." If the phrase “Spring has sprung!” stirs thoughts of watery eyes and a runny nose before baby ducklings and Easter eggs, stop in to your closest AppleCare clinic and let us help you get ahead - and stay ahead - of your allergy symptoms this year.