Reduce the Holiday Travel Stress

As bad as the traffic and crowds can be when travelling during the holidays, adding children to the mix can up the stress factor exponentially. Keep these helpful tips in mind before you head out on the holiday road.

Timing is Everything

if at all possible, it makes for a much more pleasant trip with children if travel is timed to coincide with regular nap times during the day, or at night after bedtime. Traveling later at night is also a good way to avoid higher traffic volumes.

Close at Hand

Keep everything "kid-related" in an easily accessible place. Items like snack foods, water bottles, sippy cups, pacifiers, medicines, books and toys should be able to be grabbed quickly to avoid tears and tantrums. This is especially important to remember if flying.


Long hours in the car or plane, or waiting in an airport terminal can get the best of any of us, but children's ability to keep themselves entertained will usually only take them so far. If your child has a favorite book, those hours are a great opportunity to spend some one-on-one time with him or her without the usual distractions of emails or text messages - and that's never a bad thing, right?


Tablets, smart phones, and other gadgets can be a convenient way to occupy some idle time. Try downloading some games or activity-based apps that you, as a parent, can participate in, as well. Or, if all else fails, YouTube is a great resource to find episodes of some of your child's favorite shows.

Getting to and from your holiday destination is often the most arduous part of the journey, so hopefully these pointers will help keep your trip over the river and through the woods as easy as pumpkin pie.

And remember, an AppleCare Immediate Care clinic is only a phone call or short drive away for you and your family's wellness needs this holiday season.