Prevent Eye Injury When Working, Even At Home

Protecting Your Eyes – Safety tips for the workplace and the home

Most people think that eye injuries occur in the workplace; especially for those that work on construction sites, factories, or welding. The fifth annual Eye Injury Snapshot conducted by the American Academy of Ophthalmology and the American Society of Ocular Trauma, reported that nearly half of all eye injuries occurred in the home. More than 40 percent of the injuries reported were incurred during household projects like yard work, repairs, and even cooking and cleaning.

As weekend warriors and DIY-ers tackle more home improvement projects, it's easy to dive into a project thinking you'll be just fine. Wearing googles will not only protect your eyes from flying debris, but also dust, sand, sawdust, and other minute particles. When taking on projects at home (or work) that require protective eye wear, be sure to stay focused on the project and avoid distractions.

Other reported household eye injuries involved hazardous products like bleach and toxic cleaners, slips and falls, grease splatters – even flying champagne corks.

While wearing protective eye wear is reported to prevent 90 percent of eye injuries, it's also important to take other measures to ensure your eyes are safe:

  • Make sure spray bottles are pointed away from your face (and the face of others)
  • Read the labels of all household cleaners
  • Secure rugs and flooring
  • Pick up debris in the yard before mowing (so it doesn't become a projectile)

If you or a family member experience an eye injury, it's best to have it checked out even if it seems minor, to be sure that the eye is not damaged and to avoid possible vision loss.