Managing Sore Muscles

Managing Sore Muscles

After hibernating (and over-indulging) during the past few months, you may have decided to get back to the gym or slip on your running shoes.  You feel good while working out, but the next day your muscles are sore and aching.

Sound familiar?

Jumping back into an exercise routine after taking some time off often leads to sore muscles.

That’s why it’s recommended to slowly ease back into your exercise routine, and gradually build back up. If you were running five miles a day, but haven’t run in the past month or two, start with two or three miles, and work your way back to five. In addition, be sure to stretch before and after, and drink plenty of water.

So how do you manage your sore muscles?

Icing the area can help to ease the pain, which can be easily done with an ice pack wrapped in a thin towel.  Ibuprofen can also help, although though it should not be relied upon on a regular basis. Also, if you’re taking any other medications, be sure to check with your doctor before taking any over the counter pain relievers.

Most muscle soreness is common, and generally goes away within a day or two. However, if the pain persists, becomes increasingly intense, or comes on quickly, you may have a more serious injury.  If you think this might be a possibility, visit your local AppleCare doctor for a complete check-up.