June Is Men’s Health Month!

As temperatures heat up across Georgia in June, we’re taking time to celebrate Men’s Health Month. During the month, healthcare providers highlight health issues that affect men and talk about preventive care. These efforts are partially meant to combat the growing distance between life expectancy for men and women. While few men love going to the doctor, June is a great time to sit down for a moment and think seriously about how men’s health issues might affect your life.

Understanding Health Issues That Affect Men

While they might not receive as much publicity as health issues that affect women and children, diseases that affect men are just as serious. In fact, many healthcare providers worry that men’s health is increasingly threatened because so few men are willing to talk publicly about medical problems. Men’s Health Month offers a space to talk about these vital health issues and help men find the right healthcare centers for their needs.

Many different health problems affect men, but focusing on some of the most serious and understanding their major symptoms is a good way to start a dialogue about men’s health. Most doctors consider the following to be the five most serious health problems facing men today:

Heart disease: The leading killer of both men and women, twice as many men as women suffer from this potentially fatal disease every year.

Depression and suicide: Men are four times more likely than women to commit suicide, a startling fact given that men are also less likely to seek help from a mental health professional.

Lung cancer: The rate of lung cancer among men has fallen in the past few decades thanks to a drop in the usage of tobacco products. However, older men who worked in construction and industrial trades still find themselves at risk for lung cancer.

Prostate cancer: Perhaps the most publicized of men’s health issues, prostate cancer has an incredibly high treatment success rate when caught in its early stages.

Stroke: Often caused by a history of hypertension, strokes affect men and women at roughly equal rates, but men’s reluctance to seek immediate treatment may cause further complications.

Celebrating Men’s Health Month

Many of the leading causes of death for men are preventable or can be treated with a high level of success when caught in their early stages. Visiting an immediate care clinic is a good way to determine if the symptoms from which you’re suffering are signs of a more serious illness. Remember that catching cancer and other diseases in their early stages is key to successful treatment and recovery.

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