Is Your Brain Active Enough To Fight Off Alzheimer’s?

Researchers agree that stimulating the brains of babies, toddlers, and young children with sights and sounds is crucial to their development. Songs, colors, puzzles, stories, languages – young minds soak it all up like a sponge! Plus, research suggests that “low levels of education have been found to be related to a higher risk of Alzheimer’s later in life.”

In Other Words...

The more you learn throughout your life the better off your brain may be in warding off dementia as you grow older. Unsurprisingly, our brains are most active when they’re encountering new things. New concepts, hobbies, or tasks encourage the brain to push its limits. The old saying you’re never too old to learn is more than just an adage, it’s actually true. So can a jigsaw puzzle habit keep dementia from taking hold?

How Can A Game Help My Brain?

While some people are genetically predisposed to Alzheimer’s disease, dementia researchers recognize that a number of risk factors play a role in how early or severe any one particular person’s case may be. Diet, overall physical health, and on-going mental stimulation are a few of the contributing elements you yourself can actually control. Reading, playing chess, heck, even computer games with the grandkids are all excellent ways to help keep the mind active. Anything you can do to test your wits or your problem-solving skills is on the list. Focus is the key!

I'm Not Much For Playing Games. What Else Can I Do?

How about learning a musical instrument or even a new language? Taking up painting, joining a local volunteer organization, or even a part-time job are all ways to keep you on your toes and focused (so to speak), and they’re also great ways to meet new people. In the meantime, keep this in mind: if it’s good for your heart, it’s good for your brain.

If you have other questions about Alzheimer’s disease or would like to speak with one of our physicians, stop by your local AppleCare clinic. You can call ahead to schedule an appointment or just walk in. You may even have time to knock out a crossword puzzle while you’re waiting.