Is it Really an Emergency?

Let's face it - nobody likes getting sick. And when we do start feeling under the weather, the first thing on our minds is, "How do I get rid of this - and fast?" Soon after that we're usually on our way to the pharmacy aisle.

But what about when you know it's more than just a cold? Nausea, vomiting, or dizziness may be a step up from a nagging cough, and definitely no fun, but are they worthy of a trip to the emergency room? How about a case of pink eye? Asthma? Sprained an ankle in the pickup basketball game?

You may be better off with a trip to your local urgent care clinic.

Urgent care facilities are staffed with the same caliber of highly educated, well-trained physicians and nurses ready to diagnose, treat, and get you back to feeling yourself as soon as possible. And if your condition is more than they're prepared to handle or your symptoms may be indicative of something more serious, you can rest assured you'll be referred to the nearest ER for further evaluation and treatment.

Infographic: Urgent Care vs Emergency Room