How Local Honey May Benefit Your Health

For seasonal allergy sufferers, anything offering relief from the watery eyes, congestion, and sneezing is more than welcome. Home remedies, prescription, or over-the-counter, nearly any option is worth trying. However, the answer to all of your allergy problems might literally be right in your own back yard in the form of local honey.

Benefits of Local Honey to Treat Allergies

The idea that unprocessed, locally sourced honey can reduce or possibly even cure allergies is based on the concept of immunotherapy. In basic terms, think of it as a gradual immunization against pollen, much like a flu shot containing a flu virus. By including honey created from local vegetation in your diet, you can build up a tolerance naturally, with no chemicals or drugs.

Natural Immunization for Seasonal Allergies

Sounds logical, right? After all, the bees in your area collect the pollen and nectar from nearby flowers and plants to transport back to the hive and create their honey. A daily dose of that same honey would provide the “vaccination” that eventually builds up your resistance to the seasonal allergy.

Medical Community’s Position on Local Honey for Allergy Relief

Because there are no consistent studies to back up such claims, the scientific community is not yet on board. Plus, the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology states:

“Pollen from plants with colorful flowers, like roses, usually do not cause allergies. These plants rely on insects to transport the pollen for fertilization. On the other hand, many plants have flowers, which produce powdery pollen that are easily spread by wind. These culprits cause allergy symptoms.”

With that in mind, it’s difficult to say how well the raw, local honey will benefit you in your fight against seasonal allergies. While bees may sometimes harvest some of the lighter, more powdery pollen from the trees, it’s unclear whether or not there is enough in the resulting honey to really make a difference.

Traditional Remedy for Seasonal Allergies

In the meantime, a trip to your local AppleCare clinic may provide some relief when the next round of seasonal allergies strikes. Stop in and chat with one of our healthcare providers to find out what we can do to help you find some relief!