Essential Summer Safety Gear for Little Ones

During the summer, millions of kids head outdoors to participate in outdoor activities and sports. These activities give kids a chance to get exercise and give parents a little down time during summer break. If your kids are getting ready to play sports this summer, remember that it’s absolutely essential to choose the right safety gear to protect them from injuries.

Summer Safety Gear for Kids 101

Keeping your kids safe is always one of your top priorities. After all, no one wants to make a visit to the ER because of a sporting accident. While it’s not possible to protect your child from all injuries, it is possible to prevent a great deal of them by choosing the right safety gear.

Every sport has its own unique safety gear requirements. For instance, a football player might need a protective cup whereas a skateboarder won’t. However, there are five pieces of protective equipment that are used in the majority of outdoor sports and activities:

  1. Protective eyewear is required in some sports but should also be worn be kids who spend a great deal of time outdoors in the sun.
  2. Helmets, which are required in sports like football and hockey, should also be used by kids who bike, skate, rollerblade or participate in other sports with a high risk of head injury.
  3. Mouth guards are designed to prevent nasty bites to the tongue, broken teeth and other dental issues.
  4. Safety pads or guards protect kids and encompass everything from shoulder pads for football to knee pads for skateboarding.
  5. Properly fitted athletic shoes help to prevent injuries to the foot and ankle and can also contribute to overall balance and posture.

Boys who participate in contact sports may also need to use protective cups. Thankfully, today’s cups are much more comfortable than older versions that you may remember from your childhood.

Choosing the Right Safety Gear for Your Kids

Buying safety gear for your kids is about more than just picking up a mouth guard or pair of knee pads at the store. You’ll also need to be sure that the gear is well made, fits your child correctly and is suitable for the sport they’ll be playing. If possible, let your kids choose their own gear. They’ll be more likely to use the right safety gear if it’s in a style or color of their liking.

While it might be scary to do so, you should also think about a family clinic in your area that can treat your kids at an affordable cost should they be injured during sports or outdoors activities. At AppleCare, we’re proud to provide immediate medical care for families throughout Georgia. Call or drop by today to learn about our services and talk with our friendly staff.