Cat Bites vs. Dog Bites: Which Is Worse?

Cat lovers and dog lovers will always believe their favorite animals are superior, and they’ll always squabble over which can cause the most trouble. When it comes to animal bites, the issue is too important to be decided by a cat fight. Here’s a look at dog and cat bites from a medical standpoint.

Dogs With a Bone to Pick

Dogs, especially larger breeds, have big jaws. Their teeth are relatively blunt, but because of their jaw strength and size, they’re capable of inflicting crushing injuries. The nature of an extended dog attack can leave smaller victims with extensive soft tissue injury, severe bleeding, and even broken bones or internal injuries. Even a single dog bite is more likely to permanently disfigure, and it’s also more likely to be immediately fatal.

Catastrophic Cat Nips

Cats are far less capable of causing massive tissue damage, and they don’t bite as often, but don’t assume their innocence too quickly. If your sweet, purring ball of fluff has a bad day, those cute little kitty teeth could do some real damage; the biggest problem is that you might not realize just how much until days later. Cat teeth are thinner, sharper, and more tapered than dog teeth, and their shape enables them to produce precise puncture wounds that inject or seed bacteria deep into soft tissues. Although the area of damage might be smaller, cleaner, and less painful than a dog’s handiwork, it’s more likely to get infected. In fact, many cat-bite victims must be hospitalized, and a significant number require surgery due to severe infection. Your kitty’s bites can make her claws seem harmless.

So, Who Won?

The answer to the question of which type of bite is worse really depends on individual circumstance; there are too many factors involved to generalize. The most important thing is to be sure you get appropriate medical care when either a feline or canine friend decides to put your arm on the menu.

Don’t Wait! Let AppleCare Evaluate Your Dog or Cat Bite

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