Caring for Sick Children

Caring for Sick Children and NOT Getting Sick

It’s inevitable; if you have children, they’re bound to get sick. But how do you keep yourself from getting sick while tending to their needs?

Clean and Disinfect
While we all wish we had the time and energy to do a full spring-cleaning, chances are, between tending to your sick little one and maintaining the rest of the household responsibilities, there will be little time and motivation left. However, it is important to make sure those germs aren’t around to infect everyone else. Wash all toys and commonly used items in hot, soapy water. And don’t forget the often-touched places, like doorknobs, light switches, counter tops and sinks. Wash bedding and towels in hot water, and be sure to replace their toothbrushes once recovery is underway.

Wash Your Hands Frequently
After you’ve interacted with your sick child, ALWAYS wash your hands. In addition, you should wash their hands as well, to avoid spreading more germs around the house.

Keep Them Separated
By keeping the sick child (or children) quarantined to the bedroom and away from the main areas of the house (and each other) you can limit the spread of germs. If your sick child shares a room with their sibling, let the well child sleep on the couch, or share another room until everyone is feeling better. Limiting contact to others, and to household areas and objects, helps to contain the germs.
If your child is diagnosed with the flu, ask your doctor about the possibility of an anti-viral medication (like Tamiflu) to reduce your chances of catching the virus. It’s also recommended that anyone in the household get a prescription, to ensure it doesn’t spread past the infected person and throughout the entire family.
If your child (or anyone in the household) has shown flu symptoms, get them to your local AppleCare doctor within 48 hours to start fighting the flu, and get everyone feeling better faster.