Benefits of Walking vs Running

Slow Down! Benefits of Walking Over Running

At the first of the year, everyone wants to hit the ground running with their diet and exercise goals. However, you may want to hit the ground walking instead.

While running burns more calories than walking, it also puts more stress on your legs, and makes you susceptible to injuries like hamstring strains, “runner’s knee,” and shin splints. 

With walking, you put less stress on your body and joints, and you still get many of the same benefits, including:

• Improved fitness and endurance levels
• Strengthened muscles and bones
• Reduced body fat
• Protection against heart attack and stroke
• Improved cholesterol
• Lower blood pressure
• Reduced stress

In addition, walking is also a great way to ease into an exercise routine, build endurance, and increase strength. And for those that suffer with arthritis pain, have a history of heart disease, or have suffered a previous running injury, walking is a great alternative to running.

If you’d like to get started on a walking program, or would like to discuss other exercise options, visit your nearest AppleCare location.