6 Tips To Help You Fall Asleep This Summer

It’s August. It’s hot. And trying to get some restful sleep if you’re sweating onto your pillow is practically impossible. Fear not, though, as we’ve put together a list of helpful warm weather sleeping tips to help you through the dog days – but mostly the nights - of summer.

Try One Of These Ideas To Keep Cool And Get Some Summer Sleep

  1. Chill Out With A Cold Shower – a quick wash and rinse feels great right before you hop into bed. It lowers your body temperature after a hot day and, best of all, feels amazing when you’re sliding between some …
  2. Fresh, Clean, Cotton Sheets – flannel sheets, while awesome in the chillier months of winter, are simply NOT suitable for summertime sleeping. Cotton breathes and allows some airflow to help keep you cooler.
  3. Stay Low – if your bed is upstairs, consider moving it downstairs for a couple of months until the weather finally breaks. Hot air rises so even just removing the box spring and sleeping with the mattress directly on the floor can make a difference.
  4. Become A Fan Of Fans – a small fan next to your bed can actually provide a couple of benefits. Obviously the constant flow of cooler air is the main one but many people find they can actually fall asleep faster with the steady, soft noise it also provides.
  5. Go Dark – a brightly lit house can be cheerful, but it can also get pretty warm. Keep your shades down or curtains drawn during the day to minimize the hot summer sun blasting through and also turn off any unneeded appliances like lamps, televisions, or computers at night. They all add heat to a room and boost the ambient temperature.
  6. Sleep Like An Egyptian – this sounds kind of “out there” but a lot of people swear by it. Soak a sheet in water and either send it through the spin cycle in a washing machine or simply wring it out by hand – anything to get most of the water out of it, but not all. In other words you want it damp but not dripping. Lay it over you when you climb into bed and the moisture will help keep you cool much like your body does when it starts sweating. Combine this with the swirling air from a ceiling or bedside fan and you’ll be in dreamland in no time.