5 Thyroid Symptoms You Can’t Live With

As we grow older, many of us experience one or more of aging’s usual suspects: weight gain, forgetfulness, and painful joints. Though often associated with simply completing growing older, standard wear-and-tear may not be the true culprit.

Your body has several internal regulators, one of the most influential being the thyroid.

Thyroid’s Role In Your Body

Tasked with distributing the hormones responsible for appetite, body temperature, and metabolism (to name just a few), this gland actually influences nearly everything that enables you to operate at normal capacity. So if it’s malfunctioning, there’s a good chance you’re not feeling quite like yourself.

Common Thyroid Conditions

In the most basic terms, a faulty thyroid gland will produce either too much hormone for your body’s needs, known as hyperthyroidism, or not enough, referred to as hypothyroidism. Of course, each condition affects the body on its own, unique way. Hypothyroidism may trigger anything from depression and brittle fingernails, to carpal tunnel syndrome and elevated cholesterol levels.

Signs of hyperthyroidism include:

  • increased perspiration
  • muscle weakness
  • vision problems
  • tremors
  • irregular sleep patterns

The tricky part is that these symptoms often present over an extended period of time – sometimes so slowly that they are hardly noticed for many years.

How to Test for Thyroid Issues

If you’ve been experiencing any or all of these symptoms, and you’re struggling for an explanation, stop in to your nearest AppleCare clinic. The disease is treatable and blood tests are an important first step to determining if your thyroid is to blame.